MIT Geophysicist Holds High-level Lecture Series and Seminar at SCU-SiChuan University
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News and Events
MIT Geophysicist Holds High-level Lecture Series and Seminar at SCU

This spring, chief geophysicist at MIT, Professor F. Dale Morgan, came to SCU to hold a series of high-level lectures and a seminar, as well as join talks on the planned scientific cooperation between MIT and SCU. Morgan, Chair of the Program in Geophysics and Associate Director of the Earth Resources Laboratory at MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, has focused his research on geo-electromagnetics, rock physics, applied seismology, environmental and engineering geophysics, electronic instrumentation and electrochemistry, and related fields.

Professor Morgan began his lecture series at SCU with an innovative talk on the concept of “geobattery,” explaining how the earth functions as a source of electricity, including the concepts of a “galvanic battery,” “chemical/diffusion battery,” “bio-geobattery,” and oxygen-bio-geobattery.” To an audience made up of faculty and students from SCU’s College of Water Resource and Hydropower, Morgan gave a highly engaging and informative lecture that set the tone for a successful and well-received lecture series.

Soon afterwards, the Dean of the College of Water Resource and Hydropower, Liu Chao, Vice Dean Dai Feng, and other members of the faculty met with Professor Morgan on two separate occasions to discuss each other’s research and offer suggestions on detailed plans for the future cooperation between SCU and MIT.

During his visit, Professor Morgan also met with Academician Xie Heping’s Deep Underground Science and Engineering research group. The two sides engaged in detailed exchanges on the group’s project currently underway, while Morgan offered constructive insights on potential approaches.

Another highlight of Morgan’s visit was his academic lecture on earthquake prediction and earthquake studies at MIT, which was met with great interest.

Professor Morgan also had the opportunity to visit relevant labs at SCU and discuss scientific problems in-depth with SCU students and researchers.

Finally, Professor Morgan gave an enlightening talk on “A Geophysical-Geotechnical Field Example,” dealing with a relevant case study in geophysics and earthquake predictions.

Professor Morgan’s two-week stay at SCU offered an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties of international collaborative research, particularly in cross-disciplinary scientific studies related to earth sciences and the new, leading-edge disciplines SCU is currently developing. Further, the visit established a good foundation for future cooperation between SCU and MIT.

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