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Ten Years of Disaster Prevention Education and Scientific Rigor

In June of 2008, just one month after the catastrophe, SCU and Hong Kong Polytechnic jointly established the Sichuan University-Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction, which rapidly began recruiting scholars and experts from different academic fields to provide high-end research and solutions on disaster management strategies, as well as offer long-term assistance toward the rebuilding of disaster-struck areas. Not long afterwards, and on the basis of their initial collaboration, the two universities went on to jointly establish the world’s first School of Disaster Reconstruction and Management.

The school has generated significant research on disaster response, developed important reconstruction technologies, has offered specialty training, and provided education and awareness raising in the area of disaster prevention and mitigation. As such, it has become an important global base for educating high-end specialists and producing leading-edge research in this field. To date, nearly 400 master and PhD students have graduated from the school, while over 6000 have received training altogether. The school’s contribution to disaster management and reconstruction education has been substantial both in terms of the number of students educated and the quality of instruction.

At the same time, SCU’s disaster prevention and mitigation research group has trained a number of talents, who are ensuring the continued development of the field.

Sichuan University will continue to mine its resources and work together with higher education institutions and organizations across China and around the world to respond to global natural disasters, work hard to develop the field of disaster studies in China, and consolidate its strengths to support disaster prevention and mitigation, as well as reconstruction efforts, around the world.

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