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Young volunteers in Sichuan University (SCU) started volunteer service at the beginning of 1994. In September 12, 1997, the Youth Volunteer Corps of Sichuan University was officially founded. In 2004, it was reorganized into Sichuan University Young Volunteers Associassion. During the part years, the assocaition has earn many glorious titles, including China's Ten Outstanding Youth Volunteer Service Collectives, The National Learn-from-Leifeng Advanced Volunteer Service Collectives, Sichuan Province Outstanding Earthquake Relief Volunteer Group, Chengdu Outstanding Volunteer Organizations, ect. With “ based on the campus, serve the society” as its guiding ideology, the association members hold high the banner of youth volunteers and develop the spirit of volunteer service—“dedication, friendship, mutual aid and progress.” More and more excellent young people have been attracted to take part in volunteer activities. Consequently, great achievements have been made in all areas of volunteer service on and off the campus.
Each year over nine thousand new volunteers register to join our association. At present, we have more than thirty thousand registered volunteers, 76 stable special volunteer service projects and 71 service bases. These numbers are still rising every year. According to incomplete statistics, between 2003 and 2009, Sichuan University Young Volunteers Associassion launched more than 41000 volunteer services of all kinds that account 4.16 million hours and more in total. The association adheres to its basic ideas, that is, focusing on building the association and endeavoring to development. Right now, there are 30 college-level youth volunteer groups, 18 community youth volunteer groups, 3 professional volunteer groups(Sunshine Mind volunteers, Library Volunteers, Museum Volunteers) and 5 assistance centers(Legal Aid Center, Medical Assistance Center, Cultural Assistance Center, Technological Aid Center and Volunteer Service Sports Center).
We carry out a wide range of volunteer activities to spread the ideas of volunteer service mainly though the annual volunteer culture festival, where the coordinated resources will be a common effort. Though “Volunteer Service Trial Week” and “3.5 Learn-from-Leifeng Day,” we bring about an upsurge of volunteer service, so as to combine the civic awareness and social responsibility.  As for "Voluntary Culture Corridor", we display the volunteer service achievements in our school collectively, so that spreading our ideas and pragmatic promotion are linked together by emphasizing on the comprehensive , systematical promotion of the volunteer service concepts.  In the “‘12•5’Special Voluntary Service Promotion Day", brand projects are highlighted to form the identity and influence of the symbol brands, in order to achieve diversified and branded volunteer service. What’s more, “SCU Youth Volunteers Training Camp” creates professional volunteers by providing training of medical aid, community building, caring for the old and disabled and other special knowledge. This activity gives the volunteers a chance to make contribution and improve themselves in practice. There are also some exchange activities like the large scale volunteer culture forums. They guide the volunteers to study seriously the major issues concerning about the long-term interests of the state, society and our school,so that they can find out the entry point of their work. These activities can shape the development of the volunteer service and combine spirit preservation and innovative exploration together.
Under the leadership of the association, volunteers in our school engage actively in various kinds of volunteer activities.  Now Sichuan University Young Volunteers Associassion has become the most participated student organization for public service with the widest involvement on the campus, enjoying rather high social visibility. Our volunteers serve positively the community needs as response to the state’s appeal. A lot of welcomed service work has been continuously carried out in areas like campus services, helping the poor, loving the classroom, community building, unpaid blood donation, helping the elderly and the disabled, 5 • 12 earthquake disaster relief, post- earthquake reconstruction and environmental protection. For example, there are "College Students Volunteer Service in the Western Region", the community college for the old, unpaid blood donation education and volunteer service, "Young and Old", caring for the elderly, "Benefit the People and Create Harmony" community service, "1 +1 Mutual Learning " quality improving class, cultural activities for the disabled, medical guide service by southwest china Hospital, campus electrical appliance maintenance, " Variegation " Writing Exchange Activity, and so on. In addition, our volunteers have served in many big events, such as the 2006 Sichuan University 110 Anniversary, the sixth "Challenge Cup" Wengfu China Business Plan Competition in 2008, the 10th Tennis Match for College Students and the Tenth Western China International Economy &Trade Fair in 2009. They shaped a good social image for our university’s volunteers, and were highly spoken of and wildly praise by people from all walks of life.
With the joint effort of all the volunteers in SCU, we have made a series of gratifying achievements in volunteer service. The association and some individual volunteers have even won recognition in national, provincial and municipal levels. In 2003, the association was honored as the National Learn-from-Leifeng Advanced Volunteer Service Collectives. In 2006, it got the tile of "China's Ten Outstanding Youth Volunteer Service Collectives", the highest award for volunteers in China. Still in 2006, we successfully held the first National Forum on College Volunteer Culture. In addition, Volunteers in the 2007 Sichuan University 110 Anniversary was given collectively the "Moving Sichuan University” Year Award for their particular contribution. In 2008, the Association won two tiles: Chengdu Outstanding Volunteer Organizations and Sichuan Province Outstanding Earthquake Relief Volunteer Group. The remarkable results of youth volunteer work in Sichuan University have attracted the spotlight of social attention. China Central Television (CCTV), "China Youth Daily", provincial and municipal TV stations and other media have reported our volunteer service, resulting in positive social repercussions.

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