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Students Union(Postgraduates)
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Students Union(Postgraduates)

 The student union of Sichuan University is a bridge-like student organization connecting the students and the school under the guidance and leadership of the Sichuan University CPC committee. It firmly upholds Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" and other important ideas, carrying out an in-depth study and practice of implementing the scientific concept of development, following and implementing the Party's education principles and policies as well. Its fundamental purpose is to service the students whole-heartedly. With improving the overall quality of the students as its core work, the student union works actively enriching the campus life, safeguarding students’rights and interests and guiding students’ideas. The student union serves well for students’"self-education, self-management, self-service".


Under the student union, there are 12 departments including the Learning Department, Rights and Interests Department and Quality Developing Center. These departments play an active role in maintaining fine school disciplines and school spirit. Besides, they also promote the harmonization of teaching order and the living and learning environment. Many colorful, healthy and beneficial academic and practical activities are organized by the students union.  It also participates in the democratic management of student affairs in school. It maintains the legitimate rights and interests of students as well. At the meantime, the student union leads positive, realistic and innovative ideas for young people in the twenty-first century. It mobilizes and organizes the students to make their due contribution to develop  our university into a “first-class research institution in china”. Based on the principle "all from the students; all relied on the students; everything for the students," Sichuan University student union provides for the students a full to demonstrate themselves, so as to help them grow and develop. Before, the student union has successfully held the Sixth "Challenge Cup" Wengfu China Business Plan Competition of College Students Festival bonfire, English speech contest, the top ten student awards show, Winter Round-Campus Run, Hometown Cooking Competition, girls’ style competition, Graduates Culture and Arts Festival, "Practice Star NO.1" contest, flag swearing-in ceremony to commemorate the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake and so on. These various healthy and useful activities have not only enriched students’ after-school life, but also give them varying degrees of training, so the students’ response is very encouraging.


As a defender for students’ rights and a server in all aspect of their life, the student union focused on student’s actual needs services effectively. The forms of its service are rich, covering many areas, like organizing student representatives to logistics managers, holding rights protection knowledge contest, setting up cafeteria supervision posts, etc. As for the college students’ rights protection hotline, it has refined  the positive interaction mechanism between the students and the school sections so that they can share information, feedback, and solve problems better. It links well the school and the students, gives voices on behalf of the general students, and builds with the teachers and students a harmonious and warm campus.


The student union always puts great efforts on organization construction and concentrates on doing work of high-quality. Combining current affairs and situation, it makes full use of "5·4 Youth Day", "10.·1(National Day)","12·9 Movement " and other important festivals. Though seminars, lectures, performances and other forms of activities carries, it carries out attractive ideals and beliefs education and well as patriotic education with distinctive characteristics to help students establish a correct outlook on life, world and values. So the students can continuously improve their political quality and ideological consciousness, and thus form lofty ideals: fighting for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and firm conviction to take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


The student union of Sichuan University will continue to serve the students whole-heartedly, help the students to grow, and contribute to school’s development and construction. It will endeavor to unite the students and guide them to become qualified builders and trustablesuccessors of socialism with Chinese characteristics!

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